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The definition of cold-rolled sheet and strip Feb 22, 2017

The definition of cold-rolled sheet and strip
Cold-rolled plate is hot rolled coils for raw material, rolling below the recrystallization temperature at room temperature, and include sheet and coil. Recrystallization of cold rolled is under rolling, but generally understood as the rolling of rolling material for use at room temperature. Aluminum cold rolled into sheet and foil rolling. Thickness above 0.15~, 0.15~ known as foil. Europe and 3~6 continuous rolling mill as cold rolling mill equipment. Production process due to no heating, so there are no hot common defects such as pitting and iron oxide skin, good surface quality, high quality finish. And cold rolled products of high dimensional accuracy, and product performance and organization to meet special requirements, such as, deep-drawing properties of electromagnetic properties.
Hot Board, and hot Board, and hot tied Board with even cast Board billet or early rolling Board billet for raw materials, by step into type heating furnace heating, high pressure water except scales Hou into rough mill, rough rolling material by cut head, and tail, and again into fine mill, implementation computer control rolling, end rolling Hou that after laminar cooling (computer control cooling rate) and volume take machine volume take, and became straight sent volume.

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